Welcome to Amber to Green. You’ve taken the first step towards making sustainable change happen.

You probably know what you want to achieve or maybe you’ve been told what you must achieve. But you’re not sure how you’re going to find the time or what approach you’re going to take. You would like some help but need to know that you’ll get value for money.

At Amber to Green, we have a thorough understanding of what makes a change process successful and plenty of experience in helping clients to achieve it. Everything we do is in plain English (not management-speak) and our clients range from small businesses to large corporations.

Particular emphasis is placed on the human factors that so often lead to the failure of change projects. Being independent means we are impartial to any internal politics. We use a well-established methodology that has been responsible for successful change initiatives worldwide. Our projects may last a few days or a few years depending on your needs.

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